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Why Study

Why Study Abroad-Away?

So, why would you want to leave the confines of Misericordia University for a semester, winter or spring break or summer session away? Ask any Misericordia University student who has studied abroad-away and you will quickly understand! 

Leaving the Misericordia University campus to study abroad-away leads to a great variety of experiences that will help you grow personally, academically and in the end, professionally. Students will tell you that some of their most memorable experiences to date were those gathered while being away from the Misericordia campus and exploring previously unknown cities, countries and learning from those experiences. Students will also tell you that as a result of being away, they were able to develop a clearer understanding of the world around them, develop a greater appreciation of social, cultural, and political differences and develop a greater variety of personal attributes.
So, what are some of the other comments Misericordia University students have made after returning from studying abroad-away?
  • I developed a clearer understanding of what I wanted to do as a career
  • Perugia ItalyI was able to understand history from being where it was made
  • I have a better understanding and appreciation of differences in culture
  • I have a greater appreciation of the United States
  • I was able to reach a greater level of personal independence
  • I became more aware of who I am
  • I was able to develop my problem solving skills
  • I now feel more comfortable communicating with those who are different from me
  • I was able to make friends with students from around the world
  • I became more aware of world events
  • I am now able to adapt to new and different situations with greater ease
Study Abroad-Away Testimonials 

Georgia Cleary Ireland
"Studying at the University of Limerick, Ireland was the best decision of my life. Being able to immerse myself in a culture with such deep roots gave me a better perspective of the world and myself. I was welcomed with such open arms that I felt at home and did not want to return home. I challenge anyone who is even thinking about going abroad to take this leap of faith. I never thought I could do it and I do not regret one single second."
-Georgia Cleary, Junior Occupational Therapy major

Michael Gottstein Italy
"I never could've expected what I learned while abroad. Frankly, the definition of learning changed for me as did the definition of many other words. The boundaries I broke are countless and the experience has me hooked on expanding my perspective. My only regret is not going sooner." -Michael Gottstein, Junior Biology/Mathematics major
Liz Pushing PIza

“Studying abroad has honestly been life-changing for me. Along with the academics, I learned so many practical skills while gaining even more confidence. I was able to travel to other cities in Italy, see sights I would not normally see, and tried many new foods. Studying abroad has solidified my desire to travel even more!" -Elizabeth Pfisterer, Junior Occupational Therapy/Psychology major