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types of programs

Program Duration

Misericordia University offers you the opportunity to study abroad-away for a summer session or a semester. Your choice of duration might be a function of a variety of factors. Certain majors are so highly structured that your only study optiojnwYou will need to consider your major (what courses you need and when can you do them abroad) and what sort of personal and/or family needs you have relative to being away.
Types of Study Abroad-Away Programs

There are several different types of study abroad-away programs you have access to:
  • Short-term Misericordia Faculty-led programs which usually take place in the summer or in some instances, the month of January or over spring break.
  • Semester and summer programs where you are enrolled in a foreign university.
  • Semester and summer programs that are designed specifically for American universities.
  • Short-term Misericordia-led Service programs which usually take place in the summer or the month of January.
Program Locations
  • Study Abroad programs are currently located in: Australia, England, France, Ireland and Italy.
  • Misericordia University Faculty-Led study programs have been conducted in Jamaica, Guyana, Ireland and Italy.
  • Misericordia University Service Programs are currently located in Jamaica.