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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the earliest semester I can study abroad or away?

All students, including transfer students, wishing to study abroad-away must have studied full-time for at least two full semesters on the Misericordia University campus to be eligible to participate in a study abroad-away program.
Will I graduate on time if I study abroad-away?

There is no reason that you should not graduate on time if you have your courses approved and pass those courses abroad, provided you do not study away during your last semester at Misericordia University.
Do I need to speak another language in order to study abroad?

No, you do not need to speak another language in order to study abroad. There are study abroad sites in non-English speaking countries where courses are taught in English.
What grade-point average do I need in order to study abroad?

Students wishing to study abroad-away will normally have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.8 and meet the minimum GPA requirements of the receiving institution, which may vary from 2.8 to 3.0. Students with less than the required Misericordia University GPA may request permission to study abroad-away through their faculty advisor. If the Advisor approves the study proposal, the student may apply to a study abroad-away program for which they are qualified.

Will the grades I earn abroad-away be calculated into my GPA?

All credits earned through an affiliated study abroad-away program will be transferred as actual grades and count toward the student’s GPA. Study abroad/away credits earned through an affiliated program provider are considered part of the student’s regular course load and carry full academic credit and grade value.

Study abroad/away credits earned through non-affiliated providers are treated as transfer credits and governed by the "Off Campus Courses" policy. Students planning a study abroad/away experience must consult with the director of student financial services to determine appropriate financial responsibility.

Can Nursing and Speech-Language Pathology students study abroad-away?

Nursing and Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) students who wish to study abroad-away for a semester may do so during the first semester of their sophomore year. New students coming to Misericordia University should inform the admissions office and/or the University Registrar of their interest to study abroad-away so that they may be enrolled in the appropriate courses in their first year. It is essential that these students meet with their advisor as soon as possible after arriving to plan their coursework prior to and upon return from studying abroad-away. In addition, Nursing and SLP students still have the opportunity to study abroad-away for service trips over Spring, Summer and Winter break, as well as any summer study abroad-away program.

Can other Health Sciences students study abroad-away?

All other Health Sciences students have the opportunity to participate in study abroad-away programs during winter and spring breaks as well as the summer.

How much does it cost to study abroad-away?

Costs are going to vary depending on where you go and how long you will be studying abroad-away. Generally speaking, you will need to factor a variety of items into your final costs when you are planning to study away. If you are participating in a Misericordia faculty-led program, the costs are all inclusive (airfare, tuition and room). You have to budget for food and personal expenses since they are not part of the program.  

If you are studying for a semester or summer session at an affiliated institution (non faculty-led), you will need to consider things like tuition, airfare, room and board, books, personal expenses and, in some instances, a visa granting you permission to study in the country. These costs will vary depending on where and when you study abroad/away.

So where do you find the costs of the different study options? Contact the Study Abroad-Away Office andy they will work with you and Student Financial Services to come up with a comparative cost sheet for your chosen program.

Can I use my financial aid and scholarships when I study abroad-away?

Students studying abroad/away for a semester or academic year may apply all forms of financial aid/scholarship toward their term(s) abroad/away. How the award(s) is applied is determined by the Financial Aid office. Endowments are not included in the transfer of financial aid to the host institution.
When do you apply for studying abroad-away?

You complete applications for study abroad-away at the beginning of the semester prior to studying abroad-away.
Do I need a passport or visa to study abroad?

You will need a current passport in order to study abroad-away regardless of your destination. You will need to make sure that your passport is valid for your time abroad and extending several months after your return. In some instances you will also be required to secure a student visa which gives you permission to have an extended stay in your host country. Visa requirements vary from country to country.
Will I need to have immunizations or vaccinations in order to study abroad?

There are some study abroad destinations that require you have certain vaccinations or immunizations. You can review the travel medicine recommendations on the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website: Traveler's Health.
Can I drive while I am studying abroad?

As long as you have proper documentation and insurance, you may drive while you are abroad. Misericordia University recommends that you use public transportation rather than renting a car, scooter, or motorcycle.
How many credits can I earn while studying abroad-away?

Students studying abroad-away during a fall or spring semester must take at least the equivalent of 12 credits. Failure to maintain full time student status may adversely affect financial aid eligibility. During the summer term students may take less than 12 credits as full-time status is not required.
Can all majors study abroad-away?

All majors have to opportunity to study abroad-away. There are some restraints on certain majors as to whether you can do a summer or semester program. Contact the Study Abroad-Away Office for more information regarding options for your major.
What happens if I get sick abroad?

Misericordia University enrolls all students in an international health insurance plan prior to departing on a study abroad program. The policy covers routine medical care as well as emergency medical care and evacuation.

Where do I live when I study abroad-away?

Your residence abroad will depend on where you choose to study. Most students reside in residence halls or student apartments while others choose to stay with a host family.

What kinds of classes can I take abroad-away?

There are no limits to the courses you can take while abroad-away outside of the classes that you have available. Many students choose courses that fulfill a core requirement, with one or two free electives. Please consult with your advisor prior to making any decisions on courses.
Can I work while I am studying abroad?

In most study abroad destinations it would be illegal for you to work without a permit. Misericordia University does not recommend that you seek employment while abroad.