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planning to study abroad

Planning is key in terms of having a good study abroad-away experience. The earlier you begin planning your study abroad-away experience, the more successful it will be. With that being said, it is not too early to start your planning during your first semester at Misericordia University (MU). It is important to note that some majors require that you start planning during your first semester at MU if you want to study abroad-away for a semester. Given the options you have in terms of where you can go and what you can study combined with perhaps a need to study something specific when you are away, early planning is key.

So, where do you start? You will want to think about the academic component of your study abroad-away first. What kinds of course or courses do you need or want to take while you are away? You will want to consult first with your advisor about academic choices before taking any other steps. Be sure that the course or courses you take while away will fulfill requirements you have at Misericordia University.

Once you have settled on specific types of courses to take while away, you will want to determine what kind of study program fits your needs. You should consider the following questions to help guide you in your decision. 
  • Do I want to study for a semester or for a shorter duration?
  • Do I want to take a course or courses with fellow Misericordia University students?
  • Do I want to take a course from a Misericordia University faculty member?
  • Do I want to be able to take courses with students from the host country?
  • What kinds of courses do I need to take abroad-away in order to stay on track to graduate?
  • What kind of living arrangements am I interested in?
  • Will I have time to travel outside of my study program?
  • Do I want to study in an urban or more suburban environment?
  • Am I interested in studying in a country where English is not the language spoken but is the language of instruction?
  • Do I want to take courses with only other American students?  
After considering the previously listed questions, you will have developed a set of criteria that will help you guide your choice of where to study. Based on what you are looking for in your study experience, you might very well find that certain study locations simply will not work for you. That is not a bad thing! You will have reduced the amount of time you need to review the different study programs to which you have access. You will now need to view your study options with your academic advisor keeping destination requirements in mind.