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Congratulations! You are about to embark on an exciting, life-changing experience. The application process for studying abroad-away is simple: you will complete an application for Misericordia University (see directions below) and one for the study abroad-away program.

To be eligible, you must have a minimum GPA of 2.8, in some cases a 3.0, and have completed two full semesters at Misericordia University. In addition, you are only able to apply to one study abroad/away program per term. We will not accept multiple applications.
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  1. Speak with your academic advisor about your wish to study abroad-away and how and when you may best do this in keeping with your program requirements. Also, set up an appointment with the Study Abroad Office to discuss program possibilities more in depth, as well as receive a pin code required for completing the application process online.
  2. Once you have spoken to your academic advisor, choose the program and courses you are interested in pursuing at the study abroad-away institution. A complete list of programs offered can be found under the programs tab of this website.
  3. After making a decision, click the apply button shown on the selected program, and enter the code that you received from the Study Abroad-Away Advisor. This will allow you access to the online application.
  4. Once you have access to the application, you should begin with the documents listed under "Signature Documents." These are documents that do not need to be printed out but require you to mark them as read to continue on with your application process. After reading each document, simply click the box at the bottom of the page that says "click here to sign digitally."
  5. To fill out the Off Campus Request, you will need the course names and numbers of the study abroad-away institution, as well as a short description of the course.
  6. Read through the Disciplinary Eligibility, Student Agreement, and Waiver of Liability forms and mark that you have read them with your digital signature.
  7. Once this process is complete, you can move on to the material submission documents. These documents need to be printed and filled out, and submitted physically to the Study Abroad-Away Coordinator.
  8. The Academic Reference and Disciplinary Information Form (DIF) requires you to fill out the top portion. Your academic reference may be from your advisor or another professor; part B of the DIF must be filled out by the Dean of Students who will return the completed form to the Study Abroad Coordinator, or to Campus Ministry for Service Learning Programs. Your professor may choose to submit the reference directly to these individuals.
  9. After your material submissions are completed, you may move on to the Application questionnaire, which asks a few questions regarding your personal goals and expectations of study abroad-away.
  10. You will then be asked to upload a copy of your passport (if you have one already), a course summary form, as well as a copy of your unofficial transcript, which can be found on my-MU under Students> Reports and Forms> My Unofficial Transcript.
  11. Once you have completed the steps above, and have been informed by the Study Abroad Coordinator that your application is complete and has been accepted by Misericordia University, you may apply to the overseas institution. Most applications are online. Any applications not online may be obtained from the Study Abroad Coordinator. After completion, you will need to bring a copy of the overseas application to the Study Abroad Coordinator to be kept in your file. Also, once you receive an acceptance from the overseas institution a copy should be submitted to the Study Abroad Coordinator.
  12. Students are then required to participate in a pre-departure training which typically takes place in April/May for students studying away in the summer or fall and in November/December for those studying in the spring.
If you live on-campus you are required to contact the Housing Office to inform them of your absence if you are going on a semester abroad program and to request a room upon your return. Students studying in the fall will receive a $600 credit on their room in the spring.

Important to Note:  You are only able to apply to one study abroad program per term. We will not accept multiple applications. Once you start an application, you will be assessed a $50 non-refundable application fee.