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While Abroad

Making Scheduling Changes While Abroad-Away

You are expected to update your advisor and the Study Abroad-Away Office if you make any changes to your pre-approved courses. In addition, for each change you will need to submit another Off Campus Request for approval of each new course.

A Few Reminders Regarding Your Courses Abroad

When studying abroad-away during a fall or spring semester you must take at least the equivalent of 12 credits. Failure to maintain full- time student status may adversely affect financial aid eligibility. It also could affect your expected graduation date.

Credit Values of Courses Abroad

Credit values for classes in other educational systems range from 1.5 credits to 8 credits. Courses taken abroad-away which have credit value of greater than 3 semester hours will be recorded as the number of total hours earned at the offering institution. Credits in excess of those required by the university will count toward the total credit requirements of the degree as if they were free elective credits. Students planning to take second major or minor(s) requirements while abroad-away are required to seek approval from the chairperson of the department.

It is not unusual that credit values for classes taken abroad do not match with classes offered at Misericordia University. It is the practice of Misericordia to fit the credits taken abroad to the students’ university record in a way that most benefits you.

Grades from Courses Taken Abroad

Credits earned through an affiliated study abroad-away program will be transferred as actual grades and count toward the student’s GPA. Study abroad-away credits earned through non-affiliated providers are treated as transfer credits and governed by the Off Campus Course policy.
Accessing E-mail From Abroad

Note: All official communication from Misericordia University will be disseminated via myMU.