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Insurance While Abroad

Health and Emergency Evacuation Insurance

Misericordia University students are automatically enrolled in an insurance plan administered by Geo Blue a Blue Cross/Blue Shield company. 

Why do we enroll students in Geo Blue Insurance?

If you need routine health care, suffer injuries in an accident, or require either medical or non-medical emergency evacuation, you will find that the insurance policy you currently have might not cover the expenses you incur. The policy administered by Geo Blue offers more than just health and evacuation coverage; it grants you access to valuable health and safety resources once you are enrolled in the program.
What else does Geo Blue insurance offer?

Travelers need more than insurance - they need information and services to keep them healthy and safe. Upon enrolling in the Geo Blue insurance you have access to Global Health and Safety services. These services are as follows:
  • Access to the Geo Blue Physician Community, available in more than 180 countries. Find a pre-qualified, English-speaking doctor in your destination.
  • Access to City Health Profiles, which contain critical healthcare information, including vaccination requirements and emergency listings, for more than 590 destinations.
  • Access to Security Profiles, which include up-to-date information about terrorism, kidnapping and political stability 
  • Access to the Geo Blue Drug Translation Guide. Medications are given different brand names around the world - the guide will help you find the drug you need.
  • Access to the Geo Blue Medical Phrase and Terms Translation Guides. If you require medical care while traveling, Geo Blue's medical phrases/terms translation tools will help you communicate clearly with the doctor, nurse or pharmacist.
  • Appointment Scheduling and Direct Pay. Using the web, your mobile device or telephone, members can request appointments within the Geo Blue International Provider Community. When utilizing Direct Pay, Geo Blue pays the participating providers directly.
As an Geo Blue customer, you are eligible for Global Health and Safety Services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Available services include:
  • Medical evacuation planning and coordination;
  • Medical monitoring and referral;
  • Worldwide 24-hour assistance in locating medical care;
  • Coordination of hospital payment guarantees.
Security and Political and Natural Disaster Evacuations

In the event of a political emergency situation due to governmental or social upheaval where you are studying, On Call International will arrange for your evacuation from that location. Evacuation services are provided by On Call International security personnel to the nearest safe location and then back to the United States.
Please be advised that these special situation evacuations are services only - there are no reimbursements offered for self action. You must contact Geo Blue to take advantage of no-cost evacuation for covered events. As always, carry your Geo Blue insurance card and call the number on the back of the card if you need assistance anytime!  (The emergency hotline also accepts collect calls.)